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From negotiation to completion

For a lot of people, buying a house remains an exciting adventure, especially if the house is located abroad in a country with different laws and regulations. This is the reason why our services continue where other estate agents’ stop.

After verbal negotiation is completed, all the agreements are drafted using a UNIS model contract. Our estate agency is a member of UNIS, a regulating organization within our field. This ensures that we, and of course the contracts we use, are always up to date, as far as new rules and regulations are concerned. We make sure that all the necessary surveys are carried out, such as asbestos, lead contained in paints, electrical installations, energy-rating certificates, septic tank systems as they form part of the official contractual documents. To allow you to understand the purchasing agreement and its attached documents (in French: “Compromis de vente et Diagnostics immobiliers”), we shall provide you with an English explanation of it. This is to make you feel more comfortable as and when the time to sign the purchase agreement for your new house has come!

On the day of completion, we will view the house with you one last time and take meter readings. We will assist with the subscription of the utilities in your name. To smoothen your start in France as much as possible, we can also help you open a French bank account or set up any necessary insurance. We can also assist you with contractors contact details and quotes.

From negotiation to completion

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For Foreign buyers it has become very difficult to get a morgage. French banks can lend up to 80% of the purchase price (excluding notary fees). The mortgage capacity is based on the buyer’s current salary. Approximately 33% debt on your net income is allowed. The most common type of mortgage means that there is a monthly repayment and interest to be paid. At the end of the agreed repayment …
Renovation or building plans
If you wish, we can assist you in your building or renovation plans, from the registration process to the final renovation (building). Or maybe you just need help to arrange for telephone, electricity- or water connections. Feel free to discuss these issues with us. Our knowledge, experience and contacts in the area mean that we can put you in contact with recommended contractors or give you advic…
Every (future) owner of a second home knows this question: "What happens with the house when I'm not there?". The grass will keep on growing when you're not there and once in a while the outside may need a paint job or when you arrive, a filled pool means a good start to your holiday! But you might only wish that the house is heated when you arrive or the inside is inspected once in a while to ens…