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Online viewing

To save travel expenses and time and to prepare your house hunt, we offer you a new way of visiting properties. Thanks to Skype, you can view the property along with one of our brokers and get the information as if you were really on location. Using a floorplan of the house and/or its outbuildings, a cadastral map and videos shot at 360°, we will walk through the house and its surrounding area with you, you will receive live explanations and you can ask the estate agent live questions about the property. You can make an appointment for an online viewing by sending an email to info@houseinthelimousin.com or by calling us on 0033 555 78 28 84.


How it works:


  1. Schedule an appointment
    Call 0033 555 78 28 84 or e-mail to info@houseinthelimousin.com to schedule an appointment for an online viewing
  2. Check if you have a Skype account
    To check whether you already have a Skype account, open Skype on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone;
  3. Create a Skype account
    If you do not have a Skype account yet, you can create for free one at Skype.com
  4. Skype link
    You will receive a Skype link from us via email. Click on the link provided at the scheduled time
  5. Start the online viewing
    Start the “meeting” by clicking on the green <join conversation> button at the top right of the screen or if we are not yet online, click on the blue <start call> button ;

The online viewing can now begin

Online viewing

Any questions or plan a (online)viewing?

This is also possible via WhatsApp or email

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If you find a property in our area which is not on our books, we can help you in the buying process. We can offer two types of consultancy: guiding you through the full purchasing process or just the legal guidance. In the first case, we support you from the valuation of the property up to completion at the notary’s. In short, we provide full support including all negotiations, translations …