If you find a property in our area which is not on our books, we can help you in the buying process. We can offer two types of consultancy: guiding you through the full purchasing process or just the legal guidance. In the first case, we support you from the valuation of the property up to completion at the notary’s. In short, we provide full support including all negotiations, translations and necessary explanations to ensure a successful purchase. This is important if you don’t want to put off difficulties or problems that may turn into bad surprises.

Legal guidance consists in advising and explaining the purchase agreement to you and assisting you on the day of completion at the notary’s office.


Any questions or plan a (online)viewing?

This is also possible via WhatsApp or email

Foreign buyers may also apply for a mortgage in France. Although this has become more and more difficult. Actually, there is only one French bank who does this and only from a minimum loan of € 120,000. French banks can lend up to 80% of the purchase price (excluding notary fees). The mortgage capacity is based on the buyer’s current salary. Approximately 33% debt on your net income is …
Additional costs
The asking prices of our properties include the agency fees. In a purchase, the notary fees and transfer taxes will be additional costs for you. The notary fees and transfer taxes are not a fixed amount but a percentage depend on the purchase price. Off course we will inform you about these additional costs and other important issues regarding the sale. If you desire we can also arrange your B&am…
Renovation or building plans
If you wish, we can assist you in your building or renovation plans, from the registration process to the final renovation (building). Or maybe you just need help to arrange for telephone, electricity- or water connections. Feel free to discuss these issues with us. Our knowledge, experience and contacts in the area mean that we can put you in contact with recommended contractors or give you advic…