Weather in the heart of the Limousin is delicious. The boundary of the beautiful and bad weather is often just above Limoges. Our area is below this limit, which means often nice weather.

Limousin has a continental climate with pronounced seasons. The differences in temperature between day and night are often substantial. In summer this is very pleasant to sleep. But also the temperature differences between the one and the other day can be significant. Especially in the winter, one day you can have a terrace lunch and the next morning could be white of snow.

Limousin is very green, so there must be rain sometimes. Winter is a wetter period, but even in summer a shower can appear. Fortunately, these showers often fall at night with a thunder storm. In particular, the spring, summer and fall are wonderful seasons in the Limousin. Almost all year, one can live out here!

The Limousin is in Europe’s top 3 cleanest air locations. The density of its population is approximately 25 inhabitants per square kilometre (in comparison, in Great Britain there are approximately 400 inhabitants per square km and in London, almost 5,000 inhabitants per square km).


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The Limousin is located approximately 700 kilometers from Calais. The region is easily accessible by car in about 8 hours from Calais. Limoges is directly accessible by plane. For more information, please visit
Because of its hilly nature and its pleasant climate the area lends itself perfectly to walking or cycling tour. The small winding roads through small hamlets or the forests invite for a nice walk or bike ride. There are several well documented footpaths and trails, but you can also find you way with a good map. Experience the tranquillity, the scents and the colours this beautiful landscape has t…
Experience the peace and quiet on the golf courses in the Limousin. Playing in your own pace, fast or slow, in beautiful natural rolling green jobs where mostly from the exit is not visible! And after 9 holes or at the end a delicious dinner in the restaurant.

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